• 2021 Awards Banquet
  • This year's awards banquet will be held on Saturday, March 6th, 2021. Time and livestream venue TBD as we are still working out the details of whether or not we will be able to hold the event in person or if it will have to be online.

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    Want to give a shout out to the amazing people and businesses in Boardman? Then submit your nominations for the 2021 Distinguished Citizen Awards today by filling out the form below! Award categories include: Citizen of the Year, Educator of the Year, First Responder of the Year, Business Person of the Year, Business of the Year, Youth Citizen of the Year, and the Boardman Pioneer Award.

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    Past Awards Banquets

  • Citizen Award Business Person Award Pioneer Award
    2019  Muriel Darr 2019  Kalie Davis 2019  Doug & Jane Pope
    2018  Dean Mason 2018  Robert Bose 2018  Shirley Donovan
    2017  Frankie Lezama 2017  Kimberly Trott 2017  Shirley Zielinski
    2016  Stan Toms 2016  Karen Purcell 2016  No Recipient
    2015  Penny Jurney 2015  Maria Richards 2015  Ed & Frances Glenn
    2014  Deanna Camp 2014  Jill Parker 2014  Delmar & Barbara Hug
    2013  Ray Michaels 2013  Joe Taylor 2013  Karen Pettigrew
    2012  Julie Cardenas 2012  Jim Young 2012  Marty Broadbent
    2011  Guy Marzek 2011  Mindy Binder 2011  Dan Daltoso
    2010  Kathy Neal 2010  Linda Toms 2010  Barb & Vern Russell
    2009  Sam & Jane Esterbloom 2009  Kate Close 2009  Stan & Barb Henkle
    2008  Lisa Mittelsdorf 2008  Debbie Radie 2008  Harold Baker
        2007  Don Russell


    Educator Award First Responder Award Youth Citizen Award
    2019  Judy Yoder 2019  George Shimer 2019  Alexis Villegas
    2018  Kevin McClenahan 2018  Shane Brandon 2018  Josh Gray
    2017  Cheryl Costello 2017  Sam Irons 2017  Ruby Barrera
    2016  Collin Dunlap 2016  Adam Cole 2016  Selene Andrade
    2015  Sam Cornelius 2015  Richard Stokoe 2015  Edith Velasco
    2014  Charlene Baker 2014  Zachary Lantis 2014  Hans Rockwell
    2013  Betsy Shane 2013  Suzanne Grey  
    2012  Theresa Proctor-Reese 2012  Don Drayton  
    2011  Richard Rockwell 2011  Bill & Tammy Ellis  
    2010  Claude Birt    
    2009  Dirk Dirksen    
    2008  Karen Kegler    


    Business Award
    2019  Cafe Cultura

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