• COVID-19 Resources

    During these changing and trying times, we've put together a list of helpful resources for navigating the business world during the Coronavirus pandemic. Check back periodically for new guidelines and updates.

  • Morrow County has been returned to Phase 1, effective July 31, 2020 at noon.

    You can find more information on what Phase 1 includes here »

  • New Statewide Guidelines In Effect July 24th, 2020

    Face Coverings
    Face coverings will be required for all Oregonians ages five and up in indoor public spaces and outdoors when six feet of distance cannot be maintained. Face coverings will be required even in cases of physical exertion indoors, and outdoors when six feet of distance cannot be maintained.
    The maximum indoor capacity limit is capped at 100 for all venues in Phase II counties and for restaurants and bars in Phase I or II counties. Restaurants and bars will be required to stop serving customers at 10:00 P.M statewide.
  • Open for business
  • River Lodge & Grill

    • Cabins, lodge, restaurant open, pool closed
    • Social Distance seating inside & outside
    • Take out
    • You can now order online


    • Dining room is open with social distance seating
    • Drive thru & take out
    • Mobile ordering available

    Burnt Field Brewing

    • Indoor & outdoor seating
    • Take out & delivery available
    • Open 11:37 AM-9 PM

    Sunrise at Boardman Cafe

    • Take out or social distance seating
    • Open 6 AM-2 PM

    Sinclair & Dino Mart

    • Open 24/7
    • Only 5 people inside at a time

    C&D Drive-In

    • Order inside with food delivered right to your car
    • Seating available outside
    • Delivery available for orders over $20

    The Village

    • Dining room is open with social distance seating
    • Take out available
    • Open 11 AM-9 PM

    Boardman Pool & Rec Center

    • 15 people max allowed in weight room
    • 30 people max allowed in gymnasium
    • Face masks & social distancing required
    • Mon-Fri 7 AM-8 PM


    • Take out & dining room open
    • Open Mon-Sat 11 AM-8 PM

    La Reyna Fruteria

    • Take out only
    • Open 10 AM-8 PM, Kitchen closes at 7:30 PM

    Banner Bank

    • Drive thru only
    • Appointment only to come in the lobby 
    • Open Mon-Fri 9 AM-5 PM

    Bank of Eastern Oregon

    • Drive thru only
    • Appointment only to come in the lobby
    • Open Mon-Fri 9 AM-5 PM

    Harvest Town Foods

    • Open 8 AM-9 PM

    Murray's Boardman Pharmacy

    • Drive thru
    • FREE Delivery
    • Open Mon-Fri 9 AM-6 PM (Lunch 1-1:30 PM)

    Columbia River Health

    • Clinic Open Mon-Fri 8 AM-6 PM, Sat 8 AM-2 PM
    • Pharmacy Open Mon-Fri 9 AM-7 PM, Sat 10 AM-3 PM
    • In-person pick up or FREE Delivery

    The Farmer's Cup

    • Drive thru only
    • Mon-Fri 4:30 AM-5 PM, Sat 6 AM-5 PM

    Boardman Jumpstart Java

    • Mon-Fri 5 AM-7 PM
    • Sat 6 AM-6 PM
    • Sun 7 AM-5 PM

    Cafe Cultura

    • Mon-Fri 5:30 AM-5 PM
    • Sat & Sun 7 AM-4 PM

    Boardman Hardware

    • Mon-Sat 9 AM-6 PM
    • Sun 11 AM-3 PM

    Oregon Trail Library District

    • Open Tue-Fri 10 AM-6 PM
    • Limited number of people allowed inside
    • Face masks requested & social distancing guidelines in place
    • Please return materials in the outside drop box
    • WiFi available in the parking lot
  • ** If you would like to include any information about your business in the section above, please contact the Chamber at info@boardmanchamber.org **

  • #MaskUp4SmallBiz

    Boardman Foods Masks UpBusiness Oregon is starting a new campaign to support Small Businesses by encouraging mask-wearing across Oregon. Let's help highlight some Eastern Oregon businesses in the #MaskUp4SmallBiz social media campaign!

    Here’s what we need: a picture your business owner wearing a mask with your company branding in the background & a short quote (under 25 words) about why wearing a mask is important to keeping your business running

    Send your submission to info@boardmanchamber.org.

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  • C&D Drive In Mask Up
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