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  • Chief Fiscal Officer

    Posted: 05/15/2023

    Job Goal:
    To establish, maintain and supervise the organizational accounting system in accordance with Federal
    and State regulations, effectively track all funds received by the agency, and provide fiscal integrity
    through the implementation of sound internal controls. Lead and train a fiscal team and demonstrate
    hands on leadership; provide significant contributions to the Senior Leadership Team. Analyses financial
    information and makes sound recommendations or explanations to Governance, monitoring entities,
    and the public alike.

    Essential Responsibilities:

    • Maintain proper documentation of all expenditures
    • Responsible for ensuring that all procurement, payroll, and accounting transactions are done properly and in accordance with Federal and State regulations
    • Be aware of agency's current financial situation and report such to the Chief Executive Officer
    • Provide information regarding budget expenditures and funds available to Program Directors and Managers on a quarterly basis
    • Responsible for filing all required monthly and quarterly financial reports with appropriate agencies
    • Coordinate and lead the annual audit process
      • Be the primary contact with external auditors, ensuring the Chief Executive Officer is duly informed and advising the finance committee/Board of directors and Senior Staff; assess any changes necessary
      • Responsible for ensuring audits are performed as required
      • Take primary responsibility for effective communications and in answering questions raised
      • during audits
    • Responsible for ensuring that all reports and records are accurately and are timely
    • Responsible for ensuring that payroll, payroll taxes, and payroll tax reports are done accurately and on time
    • Responsible for ensuring that the accounts payable and accounts receivable are entered into the computer accurately
    • Responsible for preparing financial statements, and identifying sources and uses of funds (Monthly
    • Financial Reports)
    • Oversee and lead annual preparation of agency budgets in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Leadership Team including lead facilitation of agency wide budget community
    • Assist in preparation of agency budgets prior to submission of individual program grant application including budget analysis and budget narrative and navigation and submittal through designated gran software and databases
    • Responsible for ensuring bank statements are reconciled on a monthly basis and calculate the interes allocation for the main checking account
    • Analyzes financial information for the purpose of providing direction and support, makin recommendations, maximizing use of funds, and/or ensuring overall operations are within budget
      • Review contracts and provide high level fiscal analyses of potential financial obligations and opportunities, ensuring contract language and invoicing procedures are in accord with agency policy.
    • Develop, in accordance with requested practice, monthly financial statements, budget snapshots, expenditure summaries, and prepare materials for facilitation review at the Finance Subcommittee, Board, and Policy Council meetings
    • Provide information, insight, and guidance with respect to financial matters to the Chief Executive Office and Senior Leadership Team
    • Supervise the Fiscal Department Staff
      • Lead, supervise, train, mentor, and coach fiscal staff
      • Complete performance evaluations annually
    • Provide backup support to fiscal staff

    General Staff Responsibilities:
    Employees of UMHS aspire to the following:

    • A commitment to the agency’s mission, vision, and values;
    • A commitment to equipping children and all who care for them for lifelong success
    • A commitment to excellence in everything we do;
    • A commitment to positive performance and a welcoming culture;
    • A commitment to outcomes, measured results and quality improvement;
    • A commitment to innovation and to what is possible.

    Program Participation and Team Member

    • Be present at work in order to provide consistency of services
    • Arrive to work on time; punctually attend and actively participate in all required activities, meetings, an trainings.
    • Be a respectful, cooperative, and reliable team member and participant in program activities.
    • Project a professional work image, both in dress and manner.
    • Demonstrate familiarity with employment policies, performance standards, work plan and commitment to mission and values in the performance of daily duties.

    Standards of Conduct

    • Perform all work in compliance with UMHS Standards of Conduct
    • Improve self skills and education
    • Fulfill role as mandated reporter as stated in Child Abuse and Neglect Policy
    • And or any other duties deemed necessary by your supervisor

    Education Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or related field


    • Three years’ accounting experience, with increasing responsibility for fiscal management
    • Experience in nonprofit agency fiscal and operations management, grant writing; interpreting an applying policies, grant requirements, technical directives, state or federal standards and regulations program auditing and implementing compliance processes/procedures.
    • Knowledge and experience in government or business management, accounting principles, practices methods, and procedures. Federal financial grants management experience
    • Thorough knowledge of financial and generally accepted accounting practices and procedures; ability t explain accounting practices, procedures, and protocols
    • Experience with Federal and State grants and fiscal administration; Head Start experience a plus!
    • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with individuals at all levels of the organization

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