• Head Start/Early Head Start System Director

    Posted: 01/14/2022

    Location: Hermiston, OR
    Salary Range$77,828.16 - $89,502.39

    Job Goal: 

    The Director is currently responsible for all functions of a thriving Head Start/Early Head Start Program serving over 700 children and families in eight counties and in 20 locations. This position is an exciting opportunity for the new Program Director to lead a dedicated team committed to best practices around Early Learning, Health, and area Family Well-Being. This position works collaboratively with local School Districts, Early Learning Hubs and key public & oral health, child care, parent education and mental health partners to ensure sound financial management, compliance with funder requirements, and long-term planning to ensure school readiness as well as child well-being on all fronts.   Additionally, the Director develops and fosters a workplace which values and supports a culturally diverse work environment and its employees, volunteers, and partners.

    Essential Responsibilities:

    • Program Administration
      • Develop and implement program policies and procedures; where appropriate, soliciting staff and community members’ participation in setting policy and developing tools for evaluation
      •  Develop long-range plans to meet set goals and objectives
      • Work in concert with other NHP staff to coordinate facilities management and operations; budgetary and financial reporting; recruitment/ training/supervision/ evaluation of staff, volunteer & partner coordination; and community outreach
      • Ensure all services are provided in concert with performance standards, established laws & contract requirements in a fiscally responsible manner with established outputs that lead to stated outcomes
      • Ensure complete audit preparation and audit performance results are successful
    • Leadership and Supervision
      • Work with the Supervisory Team to manage recruitment; hire, train, supervise and evaluate staff
      • Fostering an environment of respect that welcomes every individual and that fosters a supportive staff environment.  Delegate responsibilities as appropriate and encourage staff initiative
      • Attend Oregon Head Start Association meetings as required
      • Establish and maintain positive relationships and collaborations with public school districts, systems of higher education, and other community agencies and partners
      • Attend interagency organizational and planning meetings as appropriate
      • Design and deliver formal presentations that effectively engage and uphold agency values and services
      • Provide regular formal presentations to parents, staff, Policy Council, Board and community groups to provide information and ensure collaboration
      • Participate in relevant personnel decisions in accord with existing protocols & ensure approval of the Policy Council
      • Delegate responsibilities as necessary to the appropriate staff & monitor outcomes
      • Ensure staff awareness of program policies and procedures
      • Clarify expectations of each individual’s job performance
      • Provide opportunities for staff development according to individual needs
      • Ensure completion of annual performance evaluations
      • Keep staff informed of future activities
      • Be available to give advice and counsel
      • Read and respond, when necessary, to monthly reports
      • Solicit input from staff on issues that affect them
    • Be responsible for Grant Applications
      • Ensure that both the federal Head Start/EHS and State OPK grant applications are submitted in a timely manner
      • Research and investigate potential grant opportunities and author grants as required
      • Participate in the development of the budgets
    • Have overall responsibility for the Parent Policy Council
      • Be responsible for the annual Policy Council Orientation
      • Attend all Policy Council Meetings
      • Be responsible for the development of the monthly Policy Council report ensuring that it meets all federal requirements
      • Ensure that a formal policy council book in kept that includes announcements, agendas, minutes, training, and membership
      • Ensure Policy Council representation and involvement on agency committees
      • Ensure Policy Council approval is obtained for new hires
    • Fiscal Management
      • Develop budget and oversee fiscal operations for large budgets including monitoring financial statements; approve expenditures; identify revenue streams; monitor match requirements etc.
      • Ensure timely invoicing and reporting of funding sources
      • Accurately interpret financial statements and provide explanations for any variances
      • Identify the financial implications of proposed policies and activity
    • Advocacy and Community Outreach
      • Ensure that HS/EHS is represented in the neighboring community and with social service providers and government agencies
      • Develop relationships with key leaders in the area of Early learning at local,  regional, state & national level
      • Responsible for developing and safekeeping a workplace which values, supports and attracts and retains a culturally diverse work environment
    • Ensure compliance with federal performance standards
      • Ensure that the Head Start and Early Head Start program content areas meet full compliance
      • Promote parent involvement in activities
      • Enforce deadlines for program reports, projects, and timetables
      • Visit all facilities on a yearly basis

    Education Requirements:

    • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, or a related field.

    Experience and Skills Requirements:

    • A minimum of five years professional leadership/management and supervisory experience preferably in educational non-profit.
    • Significant experience in administration, including balancing regulatory requirements with budget constraints and growing community needs.
    • Strong knowledge of theories and practices of Early Childhood Education/Development and Family/Social Services.
    • Experience in design and delivery of training.
    • Experience in ensuring grant/contract performance standards are met.
    • Demonstrates the necessary attitudes, knowledge and skills to deliver culturally competent services and work effectively in multi-cultural situations with proven commitment to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce.
    • Strong knowledge of accounting principles and ability to oversee development and operation of fiscal budgets and fundraising program.
    • Ability to work within the mission, goals and service objectives UMHS
    • Ability to coordinate and/or conduct training sessions
    • Adequate means of transportation.
    • Ability to establish relationship of trust and respect with staff, families and children.
    • Experiencing in submission of successful grants and contracts
    • Desire to work with low-income children and their families
    • Current enrollment in the Child Care Division’s Central Background Registry
    • Current physical examination, drug screen and TB screen documentation upon hire
    • Head Start experience (preferred)
    • Experience in Early Childhood Development (preferred)
    • Multilingual or Multi cultural experience (preferred)
    • Community service experience (preferred)

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