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    Department:  Planning Department FLSA: Non-Exempt
    Reports to:     Planning Official Representation:
    Teamsters Local 670
    Annual pay:
    $48,198.10 - $57,477.15 per bargaining agreement
    Date Adopted: N/A
    Date Revised: December 13, 2023
    Click the link below to download the application and email it to Letty Hernandez at 
    hernandezl@cityofboardman.com or drop off the application at the Boardman City Hall.


    Essential competencies of this job are described under the headings below.  They may be subject to change at any time with proper notice and mutual agreement of the changes with the Union.  The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position.  The job description does not constitute an employment agreement between the employer and employee and may be changed by the employer at any time with proper notice and mutual agreement of the changes with the Union.
    Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions, providing that an accommodation(s) does not create an undue hardship for the employer, remove an essential job function, and/or, create a direct safety threat to the individual or others.

    This is a fulltime position. The main focus of this position is to educate citizens and administer the City’s Municipal and Development Codes relating to violations, nuisance abatement, and other related issues for the City of Boardman. This position will make determinations as to various enforcement alternatives regarding animal control, health and safety, and environmental issues. This position will be in charge of the dog licensing program, control dogs running at large, other animal issues using the codes for the city and state as required, write citations as required by codes which may require testifying in court, respond to and assist the public in various enforcement issues, and other duties as assigned.

    Unless specifically identified as a “Non-Essential Job Function”, the information included in this job description, and any referenced supplemental documents, is considered an “Essential Job Function”.  Temporary modifications to provide reasonable accommodations, or transitional work assignments, do not waive any of the essential functions for this position.
    The following information is not all-inclusive.
    Code Compliance
    • Identifies, addresses, and resolves nuisance and other code violations located on both public and private property. Enters case information into applicable databases. Maintains related files.
    • Conducts investigations and site visits to determine compliance or non-compliance with applicable ordinances, codes, and laws. Writes citations utilizing established guidelines and procedures provided by applicable laws, codes, or ordinances.
    • Interprets applicable codes, laws, and ordinances and facilitates corrective action required for abatement of violations. Negotiates voluntary compliance of code violations and develops compliance plans with offenders. Monitors and re-inspects properties to ensure compliance.
    • Prepares and maintains a variety of documentation related to code enforcement investigations including photographs of the violations, relevant supporting documentation, reports, and activities. Drafts and delivers notification letters and assists with case preparation for Court actions.
    • May attend meetings and briefings with staff, other agencies, and interest groups, related to municipal code compliance issues within the City. Presents information, proposals, and recommendations as required.
    • Utilizes appropriate technology to track details and tasks related to multiple cases, inspections, and interviews. Identifies violations and ensures properties follow local regulations.
    • Provides customer service to the public, external agencies, staff, and/or other interested parties regarding applicable information, policies, and procedures related to code enforcement activities. Understands and interprets legal documents, specifications, land descriptions, blueprints, aerials, GIS data, maps, and others.
    • Understands and applies constitutional requirements regarding privacy, seizure, and due process, including maintaining confidentiality in accordance with Oregon Revised Statutes.
    • Research complaints, inquiries, and/or requests for information using databases to verify information related to enforcement actions and complaints. Uses a variety of databases to perform detailed research of public records, statutes, and laws. Retains relevant information for application in field.
    • Complies with safety requirements of the position and actively promotes safe work practices. In an emergency event or an officially declared State of Emergency, responds as directed to ensure the restoration of essential public services, facilities, and infrastructure.
    • Actively maintains professional development including keeping current with legal updates, best enforcement practices, certifications, and professional memberships.
    • Performs other duties of a similar nature or level.
    Animal Control
    • Patrols city for stray, injured, and dead animals
    • Captures stray and unlicensed animals for impounding
    • Removes dead animals from the roads
    • Examines animal licenses for validity and investigates complaints of nuisance, dangerous, vicious, or stray animals, and barking dogs
    • Transports injured animals and provides for their care
    • Conducts investigations of complaints regarding animal neglect or cruelty
    • Investigates animal bites, arranging for appropriate identification and quarantine
    • May testify in court regarding citations and disposition of complaints
    • Operates humane traps, mobile radios, cell phones, and related tools and equipment
    • Represents the city with dignity, integrity, and a spirit of cooperation in all relationships with staff and the public.
    As needed, fill in as a Public Works employee by installing/ replacing water meters and boxes, operate backhoe, dump truck, Vac truck, etc, read water meters, paint street lines, tree trimming and removal, measure right of ways, easement and property lines, and other duties as assigned.

    Department vehicle, dog kennels, animal traps, dog pole, dog leashes, dog food, first aid kit, flashlight, gloves, snake pole, caution tape, shovels, fire extinguisher, AED
    Department cell phone, computer, laptop, police radio, AXON body camera, dog microchip reader, photo copy, fax, office suite software, code compliance and animal control software including Citizenserve and RIMS

    Knowledge of:
    • Search and seizure laws and regulations
    • Investigation and coordination procedures
    • Applicable state, county, and local codes
    • Land use laws and regulations
    • General plan and zoning processes
    • Operations and activities of municipal government
    • The handling and care of domestic and wild animals, working knowledge of animal control ordinances and operational procedures
    • Capturing, handling, and retaining animals
    • Computers and office software applications
    • Functions, policies, and procedures of relevant departments and/ or operations
    • Professional writing techniques
    Skill and ability to:
    • Read and interpret municipal and state codes
    • Analyze code violations and recommend remedies
    • Deal with individuals in potentially adversarial situations
    • Prepare case reports
    • Handle stress
    • Plan, organize, prioritize, and perform duties as assigned with minimal supervision
    • Operate standard office equipment and relevant software
    • Interpret and apply department policies and procedures
    • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing
    • Research and compile information
    • Maintain records
    • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public and al levels of staff, management, and elected or appointed officials
    Minimum Qualifications:
    • A high school diploma or GED
    • Skills in computers and communication devices (radios and cell phones)
    • Two years of experience in similar profession
    • Possession of a valid Oregon Driver’s license at time of hire
    • Spanish language fluency highly preferred
    Desirable Qualifications:
    • Two years of experience in code compliance and animal control or similar profession
    • International Code Council (ICC) code compliance certification
    • Certified Code Enforcement Officer through Oregon Code Enforcement Association
    The City of Boardman is committed to complying fully with Oregon’s Disability Accommodation and Discrimination laws. We are also committed to ensuring equal opportunity in employment for qualified persons with disabilities. The City of Boardman will make reasonable efforts to accommodate a qualified applicant or employee with a known disability, unless such accommodation creates an undue hardship on the City of Boardman operations, or a safety risk to employee or coworkers, or removes an essential job function. Employees should request an accommodation as soon as it becomes apparent that a reasonable accommodation may be necessary, to enable the employee to perform the essential duties of a position, or to participate in the employment process. To discuss an accommodation request, please contact Leticia Hernandez, Human Resources, at 541-481-9252 or hernandezl@cityofboardman.com     
    The factors described herein, are representative of, but not all-inclusive of, those that must be met by an individual to successfully perform as a Code Compliance/ Animal Control Officer.
    While performing the duties of this position the employee is frequently required to stand, sit, communicate, reach and manipulate objects, tools or controls. The position requires mobility. Duties involve moving materials weighing up to 25 pounds on a regular basis. On occasion, the work involves moving materials weighing more than 50 pounds. Manual dexterity and coordination are required over 50% of the work period while operating various Building Department equipment, motorized vehicles, and standard office equipment. 

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