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  • Sanitation Specialist

    Posted: 05/02/2023


    Cleans and sterilizes machinery, utensils, and equipment used to process or store products such as chemicals, paint, food, by performing the following duties. Identifies issues in plant sanitation and addresses these issues immediately or informs supervisor of the situation. Performs other duties as assigned by Supervisor. Supports all programs and policies that ensure that product is of the highest quality, meets specifications and is safe, legal and wholesome.

    Benefits - Full Time Employees

    • 401(k) with Company match
    • Medical insurance
    • Dental insurance
    • Vision insurance
    • Company paid Life insurance
    • AFLAC
    • Paid sick Leave/Paid time off
    • 7 paid Holidays
    • 5 extra Floating paid holidays
    • Personal leave up to 60 days
    • Free childcare
    • Free Naturopathic doctor visits
    • Pet insurance
    • Scholarships opportunities
    • College tuition reimbursement
    • Cross-training options
    • Career Building

    Equal Opportunity Employer


    • Cleans all peeling line equipment with water to loosen and remove product debris, dirt, or other foreign material at breaks, lunch, and end of shift. These duties will be completed within the designated time period.
    • Performs chemical application to all peel line equipment and other equipment as per sanitation schedule. Follows all policies and procedures, including but not limited to Lock Out/Tag Out. Always wears proper PPE when using chemicals.
    • Notifies supervisor or maintenance of any mechanical problems on equipment or safety hazards.
    • Removes product debris from floors and surrounding areas while the peel line is processing onions, remains constantly seeking areas or utensils on the peel floor that need cleaning.
    • Empties onion trimming trash from waste buckets as needed during production. Does not distract peel line associates or others this includes talking.
    • Has gear on and is ready for cleanup at least 15 minutes prior to cleanup. Obtains needed chemicals as directed by Supervisor.
    • Assists maintenance in clearing clogged drains and removing the debris as needed (never performs any reaching, probing, etc. into moving belts or equipment. Never used brooms and other utensils other than as intended - sweeping floors, etc.
    • Empties trash containers and places garbage in dumpster. Washes trashcans and covers as needed.
    • Cleans lunchroom and bathrooms at least once a shift check and restock at least 4 times a shift.
    • Completes at least one suggestion each month may or may not pertain to sanitation.
    • Completes action items and or work orders as directed by supervisors and/or management.
    • At the end of the shift fill out the following paperwork. Daily S5.7 Sanitation daily checklist, S5.9 Garbage daily removal checklist, Weekly S5.14 Weekly cleaning schedules and Monthly S5.15 Monthly cleaning schedule.
    • Other related duties may be assigned by the supervisor.
    • It is not necessary for this position to do every assignment included in this job description although it is preferred. If an accommodation is needed for any of these assigned tasks, you must submit a request with Human Resource Manager. This request must then be officially approved before it can go into effect. For those needing an accommodation it may be requested for even just one day.

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