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  • Warehouse Operator 2

    Posted: 05/02/2023


    Operates a forklift moving pallets of finished products. Maintains inventory and upkeep of finished products on site. Supervises and assists Case Erector position. Cleans equipment and work area and reports any food safety and employee safety concerns. Ensures there is an adequate supply of packaging supplies to supply the packaging equipment and operations. Ensures finished products are labeled properly. Supports all programs and policies that ensure that product is of the highest quality, meets specifications, and is safe, legal, and wholesome.

    Benefits - Full Time Employees

    • 401(k) with Company match
    • Medical insurance
    • Dental insurance
    • Vision insurance
    • Company paid Life insurance
    • AFLAC
    • Paid sick Leave/Paid time off
    • 7 paid Holidays
    • 5 extra Floating paid holidays
    • Personal leave up to 60 days
    • Free childcare
    • Free Naturopathic doctor visits
    • Pet insurance
    • Scholarships opportunities
    • College tuition reimbursement
    • Cross-training options
    • Career Building

    Equal Opportunity Employer


    • Follow company work rules and safety guidelines.
    • Watches over robotic palletizing system and helps with maintaining it as trained and directed by Manager.
    • Unloads inbound trucks in accordance to BFI safety and unloading requirements of packaging supplies.
    • Inventory of packaging supplies and purchase requisitions completed.
    • All product held on the lot are tagged properly for identification.
    • Warehouse and storage areas are kept clean and all safety concerns are dealt with promptly.
    • Always notifies maintenance of equipment malfunction or damages as they occur.
    • Cleans up the debris from the equipment and the grounds in the areas worked.
    • Records information as required for inventory tracking.
    • Does visual inspection of the product for foreign material or other concerns with the product and reports anything unusual to the supervisor at once.
    • Keeps all cords rolled up when not in use.
    • Clean the trailers, forklifts, loading docks, storage areas for finished product and dry packaging. Always use lock out procedures for safety.
    • Identifies operational and safety concerns on equipment that he/she operates and write up action plans.
    • Stacks the finished pallets, in order, by lot/load, and identifies each lot appropriately.
    • Maintains accurate information of inventory of finished products and packaging supplies.
    • Maintains accurate information of product on hold and prepares rework pallets for easy retrieval for packaging associates engaged in rework activities.
    • Assists the Case Erector and oversees this position as they do their duties to supply cases to the packaging line. Covers for this position when necessary.
    • Ensures proper storage of finished products and packaging materials are supplied to line as needed.
    • Ensures the Packaging line does not run out of Pallets, Cases, Slip Sheets and Dust Covers and they are placed on the line ready for the production to use.
    • Completes observations and safety inspections as required.
    • Scale checks are completed as required by our food safety plan and reports are done as well as corrective action as needed.
    • Responsible for overall cleanliness and master cleaning schedule of the areas in which you work.
    • Ensures that laboratory samples are stored and handled of in compliance with policies.
    • Reports all foreign material to QA department found with onions received. Raw product reports are accurate and neat. Samples of raw product from each truck are properly taken to grading area and graded.
    • Attends all required training classes. Special training will be required in the following areas: Slip Sheet Machine, Pallet Jack, Scales and Weight Checks and Robotic Palletizer.
    • Adheres to attendance policy.
    • Smiles and speaks about positive things when communicating with others.
    • Makes good decisions regarding unloading of trucks and safety. Asks supervisor for clear instructions when necessary. Informs supervisor of any area of concern.
    • Does not have to be asked by the supervisor to do the job he/she is trained and expected to do.
    • Other related duties may be assigned by the supervisor.
    • It is not necessary for this position to do every assignment included in this job description although it is preferred. If an accommodation is needed for any of these assigned tasks, you must submit a request with Human Resource Manager. This request must then be officially approved before it can go into effect. For those needing an accommodation it may be requested for even just one day.

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